Flood 2016

The first few days of eighth grade year were going great. I had great teachers, great friends, and a great schedule. Pretty soon after that, I guess God decided to press the pause button. On August 12, 2016, we got notified that school was to be cancelled due to poor weather. My mother decided to tell me this after I woke up at the time I normally would for school, so I was a bit angered.

After that, I went on with my day like I would any weekend. That means I didn’t bother to brush my hair, wear makeup, or look remotely presentable. As the day went by, the water outside continued to rise at a rapid pace. When my parents realized that there was a possibility that we might flood, they started briskly discussing many ways we could handle the situation. My parents, brother, and I packed a bag and elevated some of our furniture in an attempt to save some of it.

After that, we waited. I remember staring at the clock watching seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours. When it reached about 9:30 p.m., water started seeping through our floorboards. Pretty soon, you couldn’t even see the floor anymore. My family and I evacuated through our front door which surprisingly still opened. We walked all the way across the street to our neighbor’s house (thankfully they did not flood), and I lost a shoe in the process. We spent the night and woke up to see that they had taken in another family as well. All of us waited some more.

If anyone was watching, they would see that every single one of us was tired of watching and waiting for something to happen. Eventually, a boat came and took all of us, our pets, and our bags to a destination where someone could pick us up. My mom was able to get in touch with her old college roommate, and she drove us to my grandparents’ house where we are currently living while they finish our house.

The Flood of 2016 has taught me many important life lessons. One is that I should be very thankful for the people around me. Without all of the help from friends and family, I don’t know how I would have managed to be where I am right now. Also, it has taught me me to be grateful for what I have. We lost many things in the flood, but my family didn’t lose each other, and that’s pretty much all that matters. The flood is definitely something I will never forget.

Amelia Blog Post #1

I guess everyone else took the cool and creative introductions, so I’ll just start mine with a plain and simple one. Hi, my name is Amelia. Most people say that I look like Scarlett Johansson, but personally, I can’t see the resemblance. I will be a freshman in high school this upcoming school year. The reason I am so late for actually tackling this assignment is because I have been very preoccupied with procrastination. My family consists of my mom, dad, and older brother. Also, I have two guinea pigs, if they count. Since our house flooded, we have been living with my grandparents for about a year now. If you know me, you would know that I love messy buns, I can beat literally anyone at Mario Kart, I have an extremely proficient memory, I love to type in all caps, and I have one of the most contagious laughs you will ever hear. In my free time, I enjoy drawing (I’m in Talented Art), baking, watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, and sometimes, I like to read. I also really enjoy volleyball. I am on the freshman volleyball team at our school, and it has taken up a fairly large portion of my summer because of all of the practices, not that I’m complaining. After high school, I plan to go to college and get into psychology, because I am particularly interested in how the human mind works. I might also consider going into interior design, because I am an artist and I enjoy putting things together in a certain way-where they complement each other and just simply look good. Seriously, I could live at Pier 1 Imports. Throughout this school year, I hope to get mainly A’s and maybe a couple of B’s. I’m smart, not a genius. Also, I hope to meet new people and expand my social circle. Although I am a little bit scared to start the “big and terrifying,” yet “great and exciting” stereotype that is high school, I can’t wait.